Assets and Liabilities

imageAn asset is defined as a useful and desirable thing, or quality. Conversely, a liability is described as something disadvantageous. When analyzed in financial terms, a good goal is to have more assets than liabilities. However, this also holds true for Christians. Thus, a beneficial question for us to consider is how we are investing the talents, treasures, time and testimonies we’ve been entrusted to serve as multiplying assets, rather than liabilities?

To Provide: When we congregate at church, are we the ones complaining about the music, the pastor’s message and/or passing judgements on the people there? Or, are we seeking to get involved, serve and help-out by offering encouragements, warm smiles and sharing testimonies to the honor of God? Likewise and even more broadly, do we strive to be the contributors wherever we are, or are we always the one seeking something from others (Titus 3:14)?

To Prosper: I once read a billboard that said, “Some people are like clouds, when they leave it becomes a sunny day“. Likewise, when we walk in a room, does it change for the better, or worse? Do our words and works prosper an environment, or create more problems? Assets appreciate a portfolio – may we always aspire to do the same by being appreciating contributors to our various environments (1 Corinthians 10:32-33). 

To Protect: Having exposure to too many liabilities is not a secure position. Assets on the other hand serve a positive role in not only providing for and prospering positions, but also protecting them. Can the same be said for us – does our presence add security and comfort to a situation? Are we a good steward and faithful shepherd with all the blessings we’ve been entrusted, or simply wasting and risking it all without regard to the costs and consequences our actions create for others (Acts 20:28)?

Application: “Net Worth?” – Revelation 3:15
A positive net worth is determined by subtracting liabilities from assets. If negative, we are potentially in a very risky and dangerous position. Likewise, what is our Christian net worth to others? Granted, we may be saved by the grace of God, but how much value are we contributing to the Kingdom through our character, conversation and conduct? Do we serve and give to the church, only take from it, or skip it altogether? Do we add value to the lives of others, or drain them? We all have bad days, but overall how is our spiritual net worth adding up?

Quest Quenchers?

imageA quest is defined as a pursuit to find something. To quench involves satisfying a thirst. Therefore, a good question for us to consider as believers is, what are we pursuing to quench our deepest thirsts? For we are all on a quest of some kind, either searching for meaning, purpose and value. Unfortunately, even believers are at risk of being lured away from our primary quest in pursuit of things that can never quench the Holy thirsts placed deep inside:

World: The enticements of this world can easily entangle us. Yet, its treasures can never truly satisfy. For how often have we seen those who seemingly gained worldly success openly admit to it not being all they had hoped it would be? This is because true fulfillment doesn’t come from what we get out of this world, but what is given through Christ (Isaiah 55:2).

Work: Many seek to quench their thirst for fulfillment through their work, as I once did. After all, promotions, power, prestige and possessions can all come from this one area. However, allowing our careers to direct our life choices is a limiting stronghold. Instead, when we allow God to direct our lives, our careers transform into platforms for us to minister to others and become “at-work” reflections of the gospel (Psalm 127:2).

Word: Only God can quench our thirsts. Yet, if we aren’t careful, we will allow our work and the world to detract us from our Divine duties. For example, do we think God desires us to be so busy that we have little to no time to pray, read His word and engage in fellowship? After all, these are blessed components of our faith, some believers are denied. Let us not forget how fortunate we are to have such freedom of worship. For they serve to encourage and equip us for the Good work He has called us to (Ephesians 6:18).

Application: “War of Worlds” – 1 Corinthians 10:23
We are at war. There is a war to detract us from the vital components of our faith. Therefore, let us be wise enough to examine and realign our priorities accordingly to ensure He is always first. For even if something is permissible – that doesn’t make it “contributional”.

Going For Greater

imageIt can be difficult to go for great when you don’t have a clear objective. It’s like trying to hit a target you can’t see. I recall thinking money was the ultimate goal. After all, the one with the most toys wins – right?  Obviously, I couldn’t have been more wrong, or misled. For when we fail to realize, surrender to, or embrace our ultimate purpose and positions in Christ, the devotions of this world can cause us to become distracted, discouraged and/or drifted from our Divine duties. Thankfully, God supplies us with all we need to get back on track and go for greater – His way:

Clarity: When there’s lack of clarity it’s difficult to execute effectively. Have you ever experienced absolute clarity in something and even though the task may have been difficult, there was a sense of confidence that existed because you knew your objective? It was clear. Likewise, when we know our objective in Christ, we are less likely to sway off course. For there is always peace and comfort in knowing our divinely positioned place, purpose and platform (Acts 20:24).

Confession: We can’t complete our Kingdom mission on our own. We must realize our dependence and reliance on Christ in order to fully accomplish our duties most effectively. However, many believers unfortunately fail to get adequately equipped to meet their daily demands by neglecting their most basic spiritual needs (2 Corinthians 3:5). We wouldn’t begin a physical journey without food and water. Therefore, why would we even think to begin our spiritual mission without prayer, worship, praise and fellowship?

Connection: Being connected to a power source supplies the charge required to meet the demands of our day. Likewise, when we remain connected to Christ, we are charged to in turn help connect others to Christ. After all, if the great mission is to make disciples and multiply disciple makers, how can we possibly do that without making consistent connections with Christ and others (Colossians 2:19)?

Application: “Catch The Calling” – 1 Corinthians 10:33
As children, some of us may have been encouraged to find a career we felt called to. However, many times this life choice is narrowed down to the amount of money it can make us. Is that what this life is all about? Finding the career that pays us the most? Rather, may we catch the calling Christ sends our way and allow Him to then align our circumstances and careers to serve as platforms propelling the mission He has called us to.

Good To Go?

  Clearly, we all desire God’s blessings. However, instead of solely seeking His blessings on what we do, there is great wisdom in seeking to do what He is blessing. This has been a different, but beneficial outlook for me. For it forces my focus off me and my deeds and places it where it should be, on Christ and His doings. Therefore, rather than asking God to go our way, we are truly “good to go”, when we seek to align our lives with God’s ways:

To Guide: We receive guidance from God as we walk in His ways (Psalm 37:23). He directs our steps, and although we may go through dark and scary times, we can be confident in knowing He will protect and provide for all our needs as He masterfully weaves our problems and opportunities into His plans.

To Glorify: When we glorify something, we bring great praise, honor, or distinction to it – and this is exactly what happens when we live our life for Christ (Matthew 5:16). He is glorified through, as one pastor says, our “character, conduct and conversations” by His Spirit. In addition, as we keep our focus on God, we become better stewards of such gifts and less likely to waste our time glorifying that which is apart from Him.

To Govern: We have a great responsibility to wisely govern and steward what we’ve been given (1 Kings 3:9). As an example, we have families, finances, our faith and even our health as precious gifts that can either be neglected, ignored, or nurtured. Fortunately, as we seek God, He empowers us with His wisdom so that we can care for these treasures most effectively for the benefit and expansion of His kingdom.

Application: “Go With God” – Exodus 33:15-16
We can attempt to chase our desires and dreams apart from God, but as many testimonies have proven, even if accomplished, they often times fail to fulfill long-term. This is because we were meant to be unified with God, and when we aren’t, we possess a void in our life that nothing can satisfy. However, when we decide to live our life for Christ and seek to be and go where He desires us to be – we begin living the life we are designed and destined for.