Got Mission?

imageAlexander Hamilton wisely advised, “You have to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” Knowing what we believe, why we believe it and living out those convictions serve to greatly reduce our anxiety, simplify our decisions and amplify our overall quality of living. However, how can we ensure our beliefs are correct & that we know our life mission? Thankfully, as Christ followers, our Creator provides all we need to know:

God Gives: God creates each of us with a specific purpose and reveals His will as we seek and surrender our lives to Him (Psalms 139:16). As we prayerfully study His Word, worship & fellowship with other believers, and are obedient in living out the commands we learn, God is faithful in directing our way (Psalms 18:32).

God Guides: Are we guided by our own interests, feelings and desires, or have we completely surrendered our life to Jesus? When we give our life to God, and love Him above all else, He assumes full responsibility for what He owns, and what an awesome blessing that is (Matthew 6:25-34)! For He alone holds the perfect plans for our life (Jeremiah 29:11).

God Guards: God seeks to invest our lives for His glory and Kingdom expansion. Yet, as with any investment there is risk for we will face opposition from our flesh, the world and the evil one. However, Jesus reminds us all things are possible with God, and He knowingly sends us out among wolves (Matthew 10:16). Therefore, we know God is never in a losing position & neither are we in Christ (Psalms 34:19).

Application: “Entrusted w/ Troubles & Treasures” (Psalms 138:7-8)
Have present, or past circumstances been allowed to distract us from our mission? Remember, Mary was told she was favored by God and was therefore entrusted with the profound gift of serving as the earthly mother to the Savior of the world. Yet, while favored, she also faced many troubles in the form of ridicule, persecution, heartache, etc. Likewise, God entrusts us with the precious gift of Jesus & faithfully equips us through the waves of adversity, empowers our personal testimony & provides us with our own platforms to share His eternal truths with a decaying world.  May we enter our tomorrows with unwavering trust in our Savior, knowing He is greater than any circumstance and remain trustworthy in our call as God’s representatives of grace in all we do during these welcoming days of salvation (2 Corinthians 6:1).

“Let’s Roll!”

imageIt is estimated that fifty percent of the Americans identifying themselves as Christians are registered to vote and that only half of those actually go to the polls. If this is accurate and seventy-five percent us are therefore choosing not to engage one of the greatest freedoms generations have fought to acquire and protect, how much more may we be silent on our daily opportunities to actively serve our Lord and share the greatest gift ever given (Matthew 28:19-20)?

Three habits can help us in this calling:

Engage: We must decide if we are going to stay on the sidelines, remain within safe surroundings, or get involved with all types of people in all types of circumstances. May personal prejudices of past sins, lifestyle choices and/or social and cultural differences never deter our determination for the gospel. For it is not our place to judge, but to faithfully share the way and the truth for all to be saved from the bondage of sin and receive eternal life (John 12:47).

Encourage: In caring for the condition of people rather than our position in their eyes we begin seeking ways to give more to them rather than getting more from them. As a result, the encouragement we disperse returns to encourage us even more (Luke 6:38).

Invest: As our best winter coat is designed to keep us warm and protected from the cold, its full potential is wasted if never worn and left in the closet. Yet, if we give it away to one in need, it once again fulfills its value and purpose. Likewise, may we never become comfortable in keeping our faith in the closet, but be committed in sharing the precious Gift of Jesus entrusted to us by investing in the lives of others (Philippians 2:4).

Application: “Heart Sets Us Apart” 2 Chronicles 25:2
Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost (Luke 19:10), not out of compulsion, but in profound love. Likewise, may our hearts overflow with such gratitude and joy for the gift we have received that we are unable to keep it to ourselves, but eagerly race to share it with all (Psalms 39:3).

Call To Witness

imageWhat is a witness, and how can we best share our testimony to promote God’s redemption and power with others in need of salvation, hope and encouragement?

As Oswald Chambers says, “When we preach our own experiences, people may be interested, but it awakens no real sense of need. But once Jesus Christ is ‘lifted up,’ the Spirit of God creates an awareness of the need for Him…It is never the sharing of personal experiences that saves people, but the truth of redemption.”

Therefore, we are reminded of three truths for every believer to help us apply and “S.H.O.W.” up as credible witnesses for Christ:

Look UP – Good News For All: God sent His message to all people and all nations. Yet, as we see in the birth of Jesus, not all receive it. Our Savior was found by those seeking Him – the shepherds and wise men (Jer. 29:13). King Herod and many others completely missed the miracle that had occurred among them. Therefore, let us never be complacent with our Lord, but be seekers of Him – always alert and always on guard (Mark 13:33).

Works IN – Responsibility To Share: Believing in Jesus and experiencing Him impact our testimony in different ways. We can believe a parachute protects us from crashing, but until we actually jump out of a plane and experience it for ourselves, our perspective is limited. Similarly, when we experience the transformational power of God in our life, it is obvious to us and others. As a result, we gain a profound desire to promote & proclaim His power through our daily works, words & worship (Phil. 4:9).

Works OUT – Holy Spirit Accomplishes Salvation: When we remain in Christ, He makes us fruitful, and like a tree in season, the fruit is pleasant, nurtures and is even scattered by those whom consume it (John 15:5). All we have comes from God and is given for His glory (Eph. 4:12).

Application: “S.H.O.W.” (Luke 22:32)
As witnesses, we Share Christ’s revealed truth in our life with others in promotion of His power and the reason for our hope. We Hunger for The Lord and actively seek Him through personal study of the Word, routine fellowship and endless prayer. We Obey what we learn and what is revealed to us, and as a result, God Wins new believers to His church.

Call To Meaning

In the end, if we attempt to find meaning in our accomplishments, other people, our position and/or our possessions rather than in God, we will never be satisfied, and eventually discover as Solomon did that everything we pursue becomes wearisome. “Meaningless! Meaningless! says the Teacher. Utterly meaningless!” Ecclesiastes 1:2